Names Names Names

I dot-commed my own name. I know, it seems self-indulgent. It undoubtedly is. But I never really cared for band names. I won’t even get into the names of all the projects I have been attached to down through the years. When the dust settled over my last let’s-have-a-band-name band, I took my sweet time deciding on a new band name. In the end, I never decided anything. De facto name The David Nelligan Thing took hold and it stuck. It was what people called the band before it had a name, so it became the name. It’s kind of anti-showbiz, my given name is obviously not a stage name, there’s nothing catchy or remarkable about it. But it is authentic. And the music is obviously the thing. The David Nelligan Thing.

*rafter point*

I wanted a website to show off all the stuff I’m working on, a kind of online portfolio but… a bit more personal, and hopefully more engaging. I have lofty ideas about creating a ‘body of work’. This is the wire frame I will build on. I have an album in late-stage production that will need (makes me sick to say this word) promotion. But in the meantime blogging can also happen. I was thinking about what kind of blog posts to write. I decided that I’ll take the classic ‘if you can’t say something nice’ approach, and only write about things I like. That’s why there’s a ‘recommends’ section as well as the portfolio-music-media-content stuff.

Since the most recent blog post is the first thing a visitor sees, I’ll try to keep it fresh. My last recommend was a random weather website (it’s really cool), so that’s been the main thing on the site for the past week. People will think this is the weather channel. It is not.

If this is your first visit to*, why not have a look around? TDNT has everything to fulfill your David Nelligan needs. TDNT? No, not the Theological Dictionary of the New Testament. David Nelligan? No, not the bodybuilder. Look, I’m bad at naming things, okay?

More names: @thednthing, @DN0619, @twistfuck

While we’re on the subject, I get asked this a lot, so let’s just clear it up once and for all. If we’re being informal, you can call me Dave. If you’re using my surname, you have to say David. I don’t know why, that’s just the rule.

We still have seats before the show starts.
More applause on the monitor, please.

* —– Update, May 12 2018 —— Now it’s