BANG goes the TV

The album GIVE ME A SINE came out in 2015, but I’ve only just got around to making a video for the song Bang Goes The TV. It’s a video mashup. Subscribe on YouTube to keep up with new videos (as and when).

Because of the name change and new social media accounts, I’ve been demoted in YouTube land. I don’t get privileges like a custom URL or custom thumbnails until I have proven my worth and gathered 100 subscribers. It’s probably a dumb move but I’m releasing new video on the new channel anyway with (at time of writing) zero subscribers. I do it for the art. I’ll ask again, would you care to subscribe?

Video credits: A jumble of public domain resources for the most part, many found on, Beachfront Productions made a large number of high quality clips free to use (the deer, the spider, the ants, the fireworks). I used some NASA footage and animation too. There’s an old Gulliver’s Travels cartoon in the public domain. I took a brief screen recording of the film ‘Network’ (in this context, so heavily distorted and briefly used, fair use sensibly applies). There’s an animation of Queen Anne – originator of the idea of the ‘public domain’ – balancing a pile of books and a pile of coins. That’s taken from Brett Gaylor’s documentary Rip!: A Remix Manifesto. I used some footage from a documentary I made with Jess Jones, Orla Egan and Anne-Marie McIntyre about a ghost story (the car with windshield wipers and graveyard clips). I used some news clips (September 11, Trump mocking a disabled reporter), and then some other stuff I just had lying around, me playing a song to camera, me rubbing the cat, that kind of thing. I used some of my previous music videos like Who Is Synthia?, The Bloomsday Device, The Goldfish Controller. It was all quite meta and self-referential. Or maybe they’re just the video clips I had lying around.