The Future, Now or Later

Help… he’s ranting again

I imagine it’s all better in the future. Maybe in a hundred years, or two hundred years. Things are slowly getting better, right? From what I can tell, the future is going to be amazing. But how we get to that enlightened best-of-humanity harmonious Star Trek future is a little difficult to fathom at the moment. Society has a lot of problems. Here’s the thing, I think that we demonstrably live in a world where all scarcity is manufactured. We actually live in an age of plenty. And we (humanity) are perfectly capable of correcting all the world’s problems. If we were allowed to concentrate on that instead of pouring all our man-hours into servile economic activities then we could go very far very quickly. The vast majority of people hold enlightened ideals and want, more than anything, fairness. The cranks and provocateurs want to push your buttons. I think we need to push back. The truth is, and this is me presumptively speaking for all of humanity, we want to see a fair world. Fairness is a human instinct, but so is domination. The idealistic majority has always been dominated by a tiny network of (let’s not be histrionic or exaggeratory) power-mad psychopaths. They built religions and economic systems that kept the common people in their place. They brainwashed you with the way things are for your entire life, like your parents before you and their parents before them ad infinitum. The more scarcity and unfairness the powermongers generate in society, the further it seems we are from our glittering future, the less likely we are to reach out and seize it. I don’t actually think it’s that far off, potentially. All that needs to happen is awareness, the right ideas taking hold. I think I feel it happening already. Sometimes I like to remember that this could all end tomorrow.