Hundred Years Late

HYL1914vignetteFor most of 2014, I spent my time listening to the music of 1914. As part of my masters in Digital Arts and Humanities, I started a music archive revival project, the aim being to encourage engagement with archival resources by finding old songs, researching the history and stories behind them, and recording modern cover versions of them. At the end of the year, I released an album of cover versions of my favourite songs from 1914.

I had some help from guest musicians Paul Moore, Tom Edwards, Ray Barron, and James Eliot Taylor. James also performed guest vocals on ‘You Broke My Heart To Pass The Time Away’, and Lynda Cullen performed guest vocals on ‘The Slumber Boat’.

The animated video for ‘The Slumber Boat’ used hundred year old illustrations, in keeping with the project’s themes of reworking old materials into new forms.

You can read more about the project on the Hundred Years Late WordPress site. Below is a Bandcamp audio player for the album, which will also display the individual artwork for the tracks as they play. All the artwork for the album was derived from resources in the public domain (some old, some new), all of it recontextualised to relate to the hundred year old songs. And below that, we have another Bandcamp player for the first (and only) Hundred Years Late podcast, exploring the song ‘Old Folks At Home’.