Recommends: This Weather Visualisation Tool

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Podcast Roundup I

I listen to a lot of podcasts as I walk hither and thither, so I’ll probably do a few blog posts of podcast recommendations (hence the Roman numeral in the title). Here’s three recommendations for starters…

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Any Joy – Cycles

Cycles is the debut album by Any Joy. If you read the About page on this website, you know I’m playing synth in this band, so I can’t claim this is an unbiased recommendation. But Oisin recorded the album before putting the band together, and I joined the band after I had already seen them play live at the album launch. I objectively liked this before I was involved in any way. You should listen to the album right now. But if you get a chance to see us playing live, that’s what I really want to recommend.

If you’re a vinyl person, you can order that on Bandcamp (limited edish). And here’s a music video for ‘Avert Yer Eyes’, the first song on the album. The video was made by Mac Premo Inc., I’m blown away by the way it’s turned out. Amazing work.

Look at them there, a great bunch of lads.

Any Joy Facebook / Any Joy Bandcamp

The Bees – Angryman

I like this band. I like this song. I like the album “Sunshine Hit Me”. One of the songs was in a Bulmers ad. I don’t have to write a review or do a bunch of research to recommend something. Find it in your preferred music service or format. Just press play.


Everything’s all shiny and new. I have overhauled the design of the entire website. I tore down the previous version, it was built on a different WordPress theme which was nice when viewed on desktop but didn’t scale at all. I made a huge mistake not thinking about responsive design. If it’s not going to look good on a tablet or smartphone, then it might as well not exist.

The most recent blog post will be the first thing people see when they visit the site.  I hope people notice the relatively uncomplicated menu, whether it appears above or to the left of the main content. There’s plenty of embedded music and video for people like me, who like to dive into the rabbithole when they find something they like.

And the real reason for the website overhaul… new album coming soon. Watch this space.


The Curious

This is for you, my little beacon of consciousness. I placed a tiny message for you among the billions upon billions of lines of convoluted code that no one ever sees. You were led here somehow by the instantaneous decisions of trillions of tiny robots, simply because you expressed some curiosity. You typed a word, you clicked a link. That was enough. That curiosity can take you anywhere. When you’re bored of this, you’ll look at something else, and something else, and something else forever. Isn’t that fantastic? But we’re not just nodes in a network. You’re a human being with thoughts and dreams and good intentions. You’ve got anger and love and childhood memories. You worry and laugh and feel for your fellow humans. You deserve to know the truth. That’s why I put this message here, for you, my little beacon of consciousness. Stay curious. You don’t know anything yet.

Six Months

Yes, okay, it’s been six months since I wrote anything on this website.

Yeah, this isn’t that kind of website. Thanks for reading.