Sweet Victory

Referring to the last post – less than a day after I published that, my name change has been implemented. What a relief! I really thought I would have to keep replying and appealing forever. I would have done it too, and I would have engaged in ever-more desperate and pathetic attempts to highlight my plight on other social media, ironically drawing unnecessary attention to myself in order to attain the anonymity I was looking for.

All the stuff I wrote about Facebook is true, by the way. I don’t recant a single word of it. I think Facebook is a pox on society, I make no secret of it, but it’s also a convenient place to connect with friends and people who share your interests.

I’m curious as to whether the blog post had anything to do with it, or if the support inbox bombardment alone did the trick. I have criticised Facebook in the past, but I don’t think I was ever more scathing than the last few paragraphs of Facebook as Goliath. Whether or not they saw the blog post, my page is TDNTav on Facebook now, just like I wanted.

The David and Goliath Caravaggio / Kandinsky mash-up image is a still from the as-yet unreleased music video for ‘Life Imitating Art’. One of the verses of that song feels very appropriate right now…

I’ve got what makes an enemy arch –
All this life imitating art,
Don’t look at me

david and goliath small