Extracurricular Music Videos

Here’s a couple of music videos I made for other acts.

Foxglove: We’re No Armies

Text taken from the Foxglove Facebook page.

Foxglove Music is the brainchild of Niamh Murphy. Hailing from Cork, 2014 ISC winner Niamh has just completed new recordings with well known producer Karl Odlum and has recently been offered a publishing contract. Having received critical appraisal from Steve Lillywhite, Paul McLoone, Cormac Battle, Jackie Hayden, Hot Press, The Ticket and RTE, Niamh is hotly tipped to be the next big voice from Ireland.

Twitter “Niamh Murphy” @foxglovesounds
Facebook “Niamh Murphy Music” @Official.Foxglove
Bandcamp foxglovemusic.bandcamp.com

Carried By Waves: Resonation Day

Text taken from carriedbywaves.wordpress.com

CARRIED BY WAVES is an Irish-based audio/visual project and the product of a lifelong obsession with an eclectic range of musical influences. The music itself is a collage of layered, ethereal guitars, synths and vocals, fused with complex drum rhythms, and hypnotic catchy bass loops. The sound of CARRIED BY WAVES has been described by critics as sublime, beautifully, crafted, euphoric, lush, astral, dreamy, textured, layered, engrossing, uplifting, gorgeous, organic-electronic pop music.

Twitter “Carried By Waves” @CarriedByWaves
Facebook “Carried By Waves” @carriedbywaves
Bandcamp carriedbywaves.bandcamp.com

Hundred Years Late: The Slumber Boat

Taken from the album ‘Some Popular Songs From 1914 Arranged for Modern Sensibilities & Recorded Using Modern Methods’ by HUNDRED YEARS LATE. This track features guest vocalist Lynda Cullen, and Paul Moore (Polo Moro) accompanies on fiddle. The simple imagery of the lyrics lends itself to a very literal visual interpretation, so I made an animated video to accompany the song. The sleeping baby illustrations used for the video were taken from a magazine published in 1914.

WordPress hundredyearslate.wordpress.com
Bandcamp hundredyearslate.bandcamp.com

James Eliot Taylor: Artichoke Stew

This was my first attempt at making a kinetic text video. I made it for my friend James. He has taken all of his music off Bandcamp. I keep checking back to see if he has added more.

Bandcamp jameseliottaylor.bandcamp.com