David Nelligan is an audiovisual person from Cork, Ireland.

This is David Playing guitar at a gig in 2013. The photograph was taken by Petr Stary

That was the first line. I tried to do it, I tried to do the obligatory self-important third-person bio, adopting that journalistic tone, pretending it’s someone else writing about me. I was going to try to sound impressive with all my qualifications and achievements.

I am a songwriter, performer, arranger, producer and multi-instrumentalist. I have a diverse skill-set across multiple media, from audio production to graphic design to writing to video production, motion graphics and animation. Film festivals have shown my work. TV shows and films have used my music. But I’m most well-known for my humility. I have letters after my name and I sometimes use my middle initial.

I play synth in a band called Any Joy and I played guitar on the forthcoming album by Pinhole. I release my own music under the name The David Nelligan Thing audiovisual or TDNTav.

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